We've made indoor asset tracking a monthly, low-risk subscription. Just pay for the zones you track.

Spotto Subscription

$20/month per reader

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Cloud-based software

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No per-user fees

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Unlimited assets

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Unlimited searches

Asset tracking hardware

Spotto tracks assets in zones equipped with a Spotto B1 Reader. Attach a Bluetooth beacon tag to any asset you want to track indoors, then use your phone or PC to search for any of your things — instantly.

Spotto B1 Bluetooth Reader
$200 + Subscription
  • Plug into the wall at each zone.
  • Detects beacons 20 m in all directions.
  • Connects to 2.4 Ghz wifi, inc. enterprise.
  • No expert installation required.
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Minew E8 Beacon Tag
$20 each
  • Up to 1 year battery life (replaceable).
  • Secure with zip-tie or adhesive.
  • Built-in motion sensor.
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Minew E9 Beacon Tag
$25 each
  • Up to 5 years battery life (replaceable).
  • Waterproof (IP67).
  • Secure with zip-tie, screws or adhesive.
  • Built-in motion sensor.
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Prices are in $AUD, ex GST.

Frequently asked questions

How many readers do I need?
Do beacons or readers interfere with equipment?
How many beacons tags do I need for an asset?
Can I re-use beacon tags on different assets?
What software do I need to install?
Do I have to create floorplans of my buildings?
How simple will Spotto be for my staff?
How long does the battery on a beacon tag last?
How easy is it to change a beacon tag battery?

Cost example

To track 100 assets at a small-to-medium sized hospital, we'll attach a single beacon to each asset, and one Spotto B1 reader for every tracking zone.

No lock-in contract

No per-user fees

Unlimited assets

Unlimited searches

20 Spotto B1 Readers

$4000 one-off

100 Minew E8 beacon tags

$2000 one-off

20 reader service subscriptions

$400 per month

Installation time

2 min per reader or asset

Total $6000

Request a Free Trial Kit

Try Spotto risk-free with 3 Spotto B1 readers and 10 E8 Beacon tags to start tracking your assets across 3 zones. If Spotto isn't right for you, just return the gear and pay nothing.

After 30 days, we'll charge your credit card $600+GST for the hardware and continue your reader subscription at $20/month per reader.

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