We've made indoor asset tracking a monthly, low-risk subscription with no per-user fees.

Spotto Subscription
Monthly, per Reader
  • With a Spotto Subscription, you only pay for the zones where you need asset tracking. You also get access to the cloud-based tools to find and manage your assets and readers.
Spotto B1 Reader
One-off cost
  • Use a Spotto B1 Reader to monitor each zone and find your asset beacon tags, roughly 20 meters in all directions. Just connect to power and a  wi-fi network and you’re good to go.
Asset Beacon Tag
One-off cost, E8 beacon
  • Attach one Beacon to each asset you want to track. We recommend the Minew E8 and E9 Beacons.
Prices are in $AUD, ex GST.
Icon showing unlimited users

Unlimited Users

Let your whole team search for assets without worrying about per user pricing.

Icon showing unlimited searches

Unlimited Searches

Search for your assets as many times as you like a month, without limits.

Icon showing unlimited assets

Unlimited Assets

Add asset tracking and search to any number of assets in your business.

Cost example

To track 100 assets at a small-to-medium sized hospital, we'll attach a single beacon to each asset, and one Spotto B1 reader for every tracking zone.

No lock-in contract

No per-user fees

Unlimited assets

Unlimited searches

20 Spotto B1 Readers

$4000 one-off

100 Minew E8 beacon tags

$2000 one-off

20 reader service subscriptions

$400 per month

Installation time

2 min per reader or asset

Total $6000

Request a Free Trial Kit

Try Spotto risk-free with 3 Spotto B1 readers and 10 E8 Beacon tags to start tracking your assets across 3 zones. If Spotto isn't right for you, just return the gear and pay nothing.

After 30 days, we'll charge your credit card $600+GST for the hardware and continue your reader subscription at $20/month per reader.

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