Equipment Loan Pool Tracking

Elevate your equipment loan pool with low-cost tracking solutions.

Spotto helps reduce equipment loss, save money on replacements and work toward environmental goals.

In Transit

Unparalleled Loss Prevention

Our RFID and Bluetooth-enabled tracking ensures that every asset is accounted for, significantly reducing the likelihood of loss and misplacement.

Direct Cost Reduction

The financial impact of lost equipment can be staggering. Our solution directly addresses this by dramatically reducing the need for replacements.

Real Results, Real Impact

Our solution isn't just theoretical – it's proven. We are dedicated to helping your business become more sustainable. By reducing the need for new equipment, we significantly cut down on resource consumption.

Bakers streamline operations with crate tracking.


reduction in monthly crate loss.


crate replacements avoided per month.

54 tonnes

total plastics saved every year.

Queensland-based Homestyle Bake supplies over 500 fresh bakery products daily to education, retail and wholesale customers — including Coles, Woolworths and IGA. After rolling out Spotto asset tracking, they achieved a 100% reduction in crate loss, decreasing their plastic crate consumption by approximately 2,500 units per month. That's a staggering reduction of 4.5 tonnes of plastic per month, or 54 tonnes annually.

Low-cost Tools for a Greener Future

Choosing Spotto is an investment in a sustainable future for your business. A reduction in lost equipment means less manufacturing demand, lower resource consumption, and a significant reduction in your carbon footprint. Make a positive impact on the planet while improving your bottom line.

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