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Asset tracking and detection.
Made simple.

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Our mission is to make asset tracking accessible to every business.

Spotto is for businesses who want to waste less time looking for things and make better use of the resources they already have.

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Setup is easy.

Get started in minutes from any device, no experts required.

We’ve worked with our users to identify what they really need and what they don’t.

We found ways to minimise the amount of equipment you need.

We made finding your assets as easy as a Google search.

We made everything cloud-based.

And we made it all in Australia.


Integrate Spotto asset tracking with your system via our API. Contact us for details.

Available via Spotto API

Trigger actions

Get an SMS alert when an asset passes through a doorway

Update ERP when an asset moves between sites

Get an email when an asset is found

Cancel a job request when an asset arrives

Send an alert when a vehicle leaves

Post a message to a Slack channel if an asset arrives.

Work smarter

We provide data export tools so you can visualise your asset and location data in the BI tool of your choice.

Spotto location inventory
Spotto asset history

With no software to install, just login using your web browser to search for your assets, see what's at a location and dive into the movement history of your things.

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Sounds expensive

But it’s not. We've made simple asset tracking a monthly, low-risk subscription with no per-user fees. Try Spotto free for 30 days.

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