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Spotto indoor asset tracking, made simple.

Spotto real-time asset tracking on a pc web browser
Spotto real-time asset tracking on a pc or iPad web browser
Spotto real-time asset tracking on a mobile web browser

Spotto for Partners

Be part of a $34B (US) industry and add asset location intelligence to your services.

For Hospitals

Locate equipment fast, save staff time, recover items during patient transfers.

For Aged Care

Locate care equipment with ease, and focus on improving patient experience.

For Logistics Workflows

Reduce workflow bottlenecks by locating key equipment fast.

The hidden cost of lost

Misplacing things is a problem that can cost any organisation in wasted time searching, and money on unnecessary replacements. That’s why we built Spotto.

Table showing the cost of 80 nursing staff, who waste 42,000 hours looking for things manually, amounting to $1.4m of salaried time.

Time saved. Effortlessly.

Asset tracking systems are usually a hassle to setup and a pain to use. So we made finding things as simple as a search box. It’s a radical idea, it might even raise some eye brows — but why make it more complicated than it should be?

How Spotto Works

Orange arrows indicate if an asset is visiting one of your sites.

Asset visibility, across all your sites

Setup Spotto Readers at all your facilities for automated, ambient tracking as things move. Look out for the orange arrows to see if things are away from their home site.

See how assets are utilised over time

As your equipment travels, a dynamic record of activity is created and updated. This can help you gauge asset utilisation, and make informed choices on how to manage your assets.

The Spotto asset history view shows where an assets has been.
The Spotto assets lists shows every asset at your site, the location and battery level.

Show me the lot

Filter and sort your entire asset catalogue, view real-time locations, and see what Bluetooth beacons need a fresh battery.

What’s here, right now

See a comprehensive list of assets that are at a particular location in real-time. How cool is that? What will people think of next?

The location 'What's Here' view shows you everything thats at that location, right now.

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