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Spotto makes it easy to track your assets indoors. No experts required.

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The hidden costs of lost and misplaced assets in healthcare

Staff waste time looking for equipment instead of on important tasks.

Icon displaying overspending on assets that go missing.

Hospitals overspend on replacing equipment that goes missing.

Unhappy patient

Patient well-being is compromised when vital equipment isn’t found in time.

Spotto is a lightweight indoor asset tracking solution with everything you need to find your assets.

Spotto tracks assets in zones equipped with a Spotto B1 Bluetooth Reader. Attach a Bluetooth beacon tag to any asset you want to track indoors, then use your phone or PC to search for any of your things — instantly.

Spotto Bluetooth asset tracking beacon tag in hand

Bluetooth Beacon tag

Attach a single beacon to an asset you want to track. Beacons feature long-life, user replaceable batteries.

Spotto B1 Bluetooth Reader detects beacon tags

Spotto B1 Bluetooth Reader

The B1 Bluetooth Reader is a small, wifi-enabled device that detects your assets in zones where you require real-time tracking.

Spotto simple asset search displaying search suggestions

Search from a browser

To search for your stuff, just open Spotto in your web browser and use Spotto Search to see where your things are.

Spotto bluetooth beacon reader placement on a building floor plan.Spotto bluetooth beacon reader placement on a building floor plan.

Zone A

Spotto B1 Bluetooth Readers can monitor zones like equipment storage rooms — or even public entrances to record when an asset exits a building.

Zone B

Install a higher density of readers to pinpoint equipment or people with greater precision — such as operating theatres or rooms in a ward.

Zone C

Install a single reader at a popular zone where equipment passes — like a nurse’s station or elevator entrance.

Tracking zones

Setup readers at strategic zones like store rooms, operating theatres, or elevators and doorways where assets come and go.

Indoor tracking zones

Explore in AR

AR requires iPhone or iPad.

Detect assets that frequently pass by popular thresholds like elevator entrances or a nurse station.

Monitor zones like equipment storage rooms, corridors and bays where assets frequently come and go.

For even greater accuracy, install readers closer by at places like ward rooms and operating theatres.

Customer stories

See how an Australian hospital increased operational efficiency, improved the patient journey and refocused staff on more important tasks.

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Operating Theatres

Within a week of putting in Spotto, Gloria debunked the myth that other wards took their Calf Compressors. Spotto enabled them to show that the equipment was almost always returned but not always to where they expected it.


Environmental Services

Ben's team is reponsible for fetching equipment like beds, wheelchairs, bolsters gas regulators and more. After rolling out Spotto in their command centre, search time for assets was reduced to zero.



Ali used to spend about 40 minutes trying to find a bariatric hover jack for heavy patients. Patient and staff wellbeing was at serious risk. Now she knows where this specialised equipment is at all times.

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