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Take back control

Smart, time-saving tools help you and your team have the confidence of finding exactly what you need in demanding situations.

Woman using Spotto asset location tracking
Alan Williams

How do you feel when you can’t find a piece of equipment that you need urgently? In a life threatening situation it could be panic. If you’re serving a customer it would be feelings of frustration. When people are waiting for you it’s embarrassment and feelings of loss of control.

For the people on the other side — be they patients, customers, team members, maintenance engineers — they’re all compromised in some way too. They’re wasting time, losing confidence in you, walking away, or racking up their bills. Or getting upset that you’re not responding effectively. Even possibly having poor health outcomes if your workplace is a hospital or clinic.

If you’re in government, charities, emergency services, healthcare, tourism, logistics, or almost any business with moving assets, then knowing where the equipment (or people) that you need is right now can transform the way you do things and improve life for your staff and clients. It simply allows you to give better service. To have confidence that you’re in control and can respond effectively. Book a free, no-obligation express chat at a time that suits you to discuss how Spotto could be a great fit for your team.