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Introducing Spotto V3

Big improvements to real-time asset location accuracy and new multi-site support to track your equipment as they move between accounts.

Introducing Spotto V3
J Bank

In our first major update of 2022, we’ve made a tonne of under-the-hood optimisations as well as customer-facing improvements too. These changes include a completely rebuilt core location engine that powers Spotto’s real-time asset tracking. We call it SLATE — Spotto Location and Telemetry Engine.

Multi-site support

The star of the show is multi-site support. We’ve added the ability to detect asset beacons as they move between related accounts. Look out for the orange in or out arrows that indicate whether your item is away from your home site, or detected by a related Spotto account. We think this will be tremendously powerful for organisations whose assets move between sites and historically have had issues recovering the assets in a timely manner. These changes further our goal of reducing needless asset replacements, saving money, and better managing the assets organisations already own.

When an asset is visiting from another account, the inbound arrow will appear followed by the name of the asset owner.
When one of your assets is detected by another account, the outbound icon will appear followed by the name of the account who has it.

Improved asset location accuracy

We’ve made improvements to the accuracy of asset locations across Spotto. Radio waves are a uniquely challenging beast, but we continue to tune how Spotto sees Bluetooth beacon signals so users have an even more reliable source of truth.

Cleaner asset history

Some asset histories may have appeared noisy due to signal crossover. SLATE improves the history of assets for a cleaner, scannable record of movement.

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