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Transform your departmental efficiency whilst investing in NSW’s regional technology capability

Adding a low-cost Spotto real-time asset tracking project to your budget for 2023 can help you to meet your local purchasing objectives.

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Alan Williams

Spotto’s a regional NSW SME shaking up the very ‘techie’ asset tracking industry. As a software company founded by serial entrepreneurs that have created other Australian companies doing well worldwide, we’ve lowered the costs, risks and technical barriers to putting tracking into your agency or department. You don’t need experts, and you don’t need a huge project.  

Knowing where your assets are right now can make a huge difference to your operations. There are 3 immediate benefits that apply to almost every business or agency:

  1. Waste less of your staff time:
    Time wasted searching for assets is a hidden, and far too accepted, drain on productivity.  It’s time not spent doing the role that really adds value.  Consider the time wasted on the phone trying to locate an item that’s gone missing from the depot (despite it being shown in your system as being in a place). Or the nurse who’s searching the wards instead of giving care.  It all adds up across your organisation.
  2. Improve your service and response:
    Service improves when you can find things when you need them most.  Not keeping a person or a team waiting for an item to arrive.  Being able to respond immediately to an urgent situation because you have certainty as to the location of the equipment you need.  The consequences of not being able to find things quickly can be significant.
  3. Reduce equipment over-investment:
    Over-investment in equipment is rife across most businesses and agencies.  Items go missing so more are bought.  People hide equipment that they think others may borrow and not return when they need it.  Being able to find things when you need them reduces this and creates a greater culture of sharing because it removes the risk of doing so.

The combination of these has the potential to save a large department anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars, to millions just by having visibility over where things are, losing fewer assets, and spending less time attempting to locate them.
Spotto's technology evolved in an Innovation Lab project with NSW Health, and is now being used by multiple hospitals to track equipment in areas such operating theatres, ICU and around the wards. It’s also just been picked up by one of the largest auto dealer and servicing networks in the country to help them to streamline their operations.
Spotto works indoors, outdoors, in vehicles, with or without WiFi and can be installed for just one use case and then expanded from there.

Now that the NSW Government is strongly encouraging agencies like yours to invest in ‘Sovereign Capability’ and to buy local, where better to start than with a project that will increase your efficiencies whilst helping to strengthen regional technology capability? This will lead to more regional technology roles, and potentially generate a slew of new solutions around Spotto since it’s a completely open technology with great APIs that can be integrated into all sorts of applications.

It’s worth remembering that the rules for working with regional companies like Spotto have been made much easier. BuyNSW now advises NSW Government Agencies:

We’ve made it easier for you to fast-track procurements under certain thresholds. This is especially true when you buy from small to medium enterprises (SMEs).
Rules still apply and you must meet certain requirements depending on the value and nature of the contract, who you’re buying from and the level of risk involved. Please note, all values below exclude GST.
Goods and services up to $30,000.
If your agency is unaccredited you can choose a supplier based on receiving just one written quotation. If your agency is accredited, you should follow your agency’s rules.
You still need to use whole-of-government contracts and mandated pre-qualification schemes where they apply.
Goods and services up to $150,000.
You can buy directly from an SME or regional business, even if the goods or services are available on a whole-of-government contract or mandated pre-qualification scheme.

For more about the Procurement Policy and requirements, read this document on

To find out more about how just $30,000 can provide a substantial tracking solution, choose a time for an express chat with Alan Williams (CEO, Spotto) at a time that works for you.