Asset Tracking for Emergency Services

Improve emergency response with rapid equipment checks.

Good To Go ‘Ready’ is an RFID enabled inventory checking application for first responders that scans on-board equipment and instantly compares results against that vehicle’s manifest.

In Transit

Vehicle Readiness Checks

Scan all your onboard equipment in minutes with an Android RFID scanner to quickly see what's on-board and acknowledge what is missing – increasing readiness confidence

Log Snapshot Reports

Every completed inventory scan is instantly logged and available through the Spotto admin portal or via API integration into your own management tools.

Always-On Equipment Tracking

Maintain constant visibility of your equipment caches & kits in depots, during transport and on-site with Bluetooth tags and GPS + mobile data enabled readers.

Up-to-date Records

Good to Go can provide equipment location updates to your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system so that your organisation has full visibility of where equipment is.

Emergency vehicle readiness checks at NSW Fire & Rescue

3 minutes

to complete appliance scan with RFID

10 minutes

for a complete inventory check

Offline ready

Works in the field for pack up checks

In response to the New South Wales (NSW) Government’s Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer’s Bushfire Technology Pilots Program, Know-Where chose Spotto to enable their innovative asset visibility capability to rapidly audit emergency response vehicles to ensure that all equipment that should be onboard actually is. A check that is just as important at the Station each morning, as it is at pack up after each call out.

Branded ‘Good To Go’ (G2G), Know-Where’s rapid inventory check makes use of Spotto’s manifest management capability along with RFID tags and a handheld scanner app. While still in its trial phase, the G2G solution has interest from additional agencies including the Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service as well as international emergency response agencies.

Powered by Spotto

Know-Where's solutions are tailored for organisations that need better data when it comes to tracking, locating and auditing assets or inventories. Either in-transit or in-situ. To respond to the Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer’s ‘Bushfire Technology Pilots Program’ Know-Where chose Spotto to enable its incredibly practical suite of Digital Readiness tools called 'Good To Go,' designed specifically for First Responders.

Give it a go

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