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Engaged staff are the key to business success

With as many as 30% of staff actively looking for another job right now, keeping employees motivated and effective matters more than ever before.

Two company staff engaged and more effective at work because they can locate equipment fast
Alan Williams

The war for talent

In Australia and around the world there’s a ‘war for talent.’ There’s a critical shortage of skilled workers in almost every profession like sciences, healthcare and labour.

According to new research of more than 600 US businesses with 50-500 employees, 63.3% of companies say retaining employees is actually harder than hiring them. — Zenefits

Valuing your workers, and using their time wisely has become one of the most vital ways to both keep them engaged in their roles and contributing highly to your organisation's success.

A recent article about employee engagement describes how it’s not just the feel-good factors that contribute to engagement — one of the most significant success factors is the feeling of being productive and doing their job well.

Employee engagement increases productivity in the workplace. Engaged employees outperform their peers that are not engaged. Overall, companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable. — Haiilo

In a 2020 study, 70% of deskless workers surveyed report that more technology would help them do their jobs better. And with a vast majority of the workforce away from a desk, a whopping 80% in fact, it makes sense to cut out wasted time that gets in the way of them doing their valued roles makes good business sense — in a way that compliments the way they work.

So how does asset tracking and visibility help?

Asset visibility platforms enable you to know where anything that matters to you is in real-time. Historically these used to be expensive systems that were the domain of technical specialists that required a high capital expenditure and time to implement. But things have come a long way with systems like Spotto. So now they’re becoming an essential tool in the business toolbox. And most importantly, they are empowering employees by cutting out the useless, unproductive parts of their jobs.

  • Your staff no longer waste time searching or calling around because they can’t find what they need to do their job — cutting down feelings of stress or even helplessness they’re not effective or not performing well
  • Customers or teams aren’t kept waiting because vital equipment isn’t available when it’s needed and a replacement needs to be found — reducing frustration and increasing satisfaction
  • Staff become more willing to lend out equipment between departments because they know they’ll be able to find it again easily when they need it themselves — increasing trust and cooperation
  • You don’t have to buy extra equipment because you can’t be sure of finding things when you need them — enabling staff to feel they’re using resources well

Having insight into where your assets, stock or equipment is at any time gives you the real-time data to incorporate into your operational systems and workflows to not only improve workflows, but also to improve compliance and safety. Identifying situations in real-time like not enough staff in a key location, or safety equipment not present can prevent accidents plus give employees confidence that they’re in control.

And of course capturing the data means you can start to analyse usage patterns, and flows that you’ll be able to act upon to streamline your operations.

Now is the right time to act

You can’t afford to continue to waste staff resources in a talent constrained market. An asset visibility and tracking system gives your employees tools to do their jobs better and is both a quick-win and a move that will have lasting benefits like improved staff effectiveness, satisfaction and lead to greater engagement. That’s a lot of wins.

But why now? Because the cost and risk equation is finally at a good place. Spotto’s combined low-cost off-the-shelf tracking equipment with powerful, cloud-based software that makes a system like this easier to install than a mobile phone, and as simple to use as a Google search. A solution like Spotto can be set up quickly by non-experts, which we believe is a massive advantage because your team can achieve immediate results by proving out ideas quickly.

At a time when you need to invest in your workforce, this is a powerful example of how you can get a win-win where reducing stress and waste will improve satisfaction and a sense of worth.