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Grow your business with no-code asset tracking.

A man and woman in a warehouse locating assets on a laptop.

Organisations the world over suffer from a shared problem — they all waste valuable time looking for equipment. Spotto is a virtually plug-n-play solution that can enable your clients to find their assets indoors — instantly, from a web browser.

One of the easiest ways your clients can save time and money is by better utilising the limited resources they have — something that we can all appreciate as business is constantly challenged by COVID-19. We believe that using assets better, including people’s time, is key to a more sustainable world.

Be a part of an asset tracking market that's set to double by 2026.

Our real-time asset tracking solution is a low-risk, low-cost foot in the door for businesses like yours that want to add new products powered by connected sensor technology.


Market size in 2020 (USD, Mordor Intelligence)


Predicted market size by 2026 (USD, Mordor Intelligence)

Over time the sensing network you’re enabling with Spotto will provide all manner of other data that will enable a next generation of solutions.

Spotto real-time asset tracking working inside a hospital to locate equipment, running on iPhone

Build real-time asset location into your products with the Spotto API.

As a Spotto Partner you’ll get access to our production demo system, a powerful tool in your sales arsenel that lets you demonstrate the utility of real-time asset tracking with your clients in an engaging, interactive way.

You can also extend your existing or future product offerings by integrating Spotto real-time location data using MQTT and the Spotto API. To learn more about the Spotto API, read our technical documents or leave your details below.

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