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Spotto × OneBlink

OneBlink is a leader in the low-code software space, driving new innovations with their IoT solutions arm Palamedes.

When a custom app is needed quickly, Increasingly organisations are turning to No-code and Low-code Application building products because they can dramatically accelerate the time it takes to deliver the app and, just as importantly, lower the cost of creating it.

OneBlink’s Low-code Suite (LcS) is a great example of such a product, with hundreds of customers across Australia and the USA using it to transform their ‘forms-led’ processes for staff and customers.  These organisations are automating the data capture and workflow behind many tasks and improving the lives of their customers as they do it.

But beyond asset data from compliance audits and inspections, it’s becoming clear that one of the next big steps in productivity is in helping organisations to make better use of those resources by providing visibility of the location and status of  all of their key assets in real time.  The analysts call this Asset Visibility.

Although the ‘big guys’ like logistics companies, couriers and large warehousing operations have been doing this for some time now (generally at great expense and with bespoke systems), it’s only recently that, with low cost IoT and cloud-based asset visibility providers like Spotto, that it’s been realistic for almost any sized organisation (or government agency or institution) to start to make this a reality.

That’s why OneBlink’s new IoT solutions arm, Palamedes, is partnered with Spotto to offer new types of rapidly deliverable custom solutions that have asset location visibility at their core.  Palamedes is already working with partners on solutions such as more securely tracking packages in real time (to be offered as a service), through to providing assurance that everything that’s meant to be on an emergency vehicle is actually present before it heads off.  

The OneBlink LcS allows these types of real-time, event-driven solutions to be created rapidly, and to be customised to an organisation’s specific needs on an individual basis.  By linking into Spotto’s simple and powerful APIs and event feeds they’re enabling customers to do ‘business in real time’ - allowing them to make better decisions with greater confidence through knowing what’s really going on with their assets.

Spotto, very importantly,  also allows Palamedes to lower the project risk and cost for these types of tracking projects (for long one of the main barriers to putting them in)  since it is user-installable without a team of technology experts, and easy to manage and maintain.

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