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Spotto × Rollspack

Rollspack is a long-established Australian-owned provider of packaging solutions for a wide-ranging client base including Toll, Armaguard, Fonterra, JB-HiFi and many more. They’re known for their innovative packaging solutions, quality and strong environmental credentials.

The product team at Rollspack have a strong pedigree of integrating technology into their solutions and an exciting development they’ve been working on is TracrSafe - a service to reliably track and log all movements of their tamper-proof bags in real time from initial registration through to their destination whilst ensuring all items registered for the journey are held together for the duration of the journey.

TracrSafe has been a collaboration between Rollspack, Spotto and no-code app platform OneBlink and is a great example of how the power of low-cost IoT based tracking that Spotto’s bringing to the market can be moulded into highly custom workflows really easily.

Key to a service like TracrSafe is how simple and cost effective it will be for an organisation to set up the infrastructure needed to support it - cost and complexity has been the barrier to adoption of this technology to date.  

That’s where Spotto comes in.  WIth low cost readers and tags, industry-leading simplicity of setup and cloud-based location infrastructure that minimises the equipment necessary to create a solution, Spotto’s changing what can be achieved for a reasonable budget.  In particular, the project costs of rolling out a wide-scale tracking solution can dwarf the hardware costs and so Spotto’s relentless focus on user-installable readers will be a major component of TracrSafe being able to be offered at a competitive price point.

But cost and simplicity aren’t the only factors at play.  In order to create a customised solution that suits a particular client, the location information that Spotto’s detecting and collecting needs to be easily accessible to other applications.  Spotto’s clear, open and well documented APIs and MQTT interfaces enable this to be done easily.  So TracrSafe can be modified to any client’s custom workflows by creating bespoke apps (rapidly produced with OneBlink’s Low-Code Suite) that harness the location data into end user interfaces, dashboards and auditable records.

Rollspack’s TracrSafe is a great example of how you can create new business opportunities and extend your product/service range by leveraging Asset Location technology.

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