Time saved. Effortlessly.

Indoor asset tracking for logistics workflows.

Lost equipment reduces operational efficiency and service quality.

Not only will you invest more capital in more equipment than you need but you’ll waste wages sending good staff walking in circles looking for the tool they needed 10 minutes ago, to complete the order they are already behind on.

Spotto combats wasted time with really simple, automated tracking with Bluetooth tracking beacons that attach to your equipment, Spotto Bluetooth Readers and a simple web-based search to find stuff in seconds.

Spotto Bluetooth tracking beacon in hand.
Spotto Bluetooth Reader in hand being connected.
Spotto Search looking for assets in real-time on a phone

Search from a browser to locate stuff in real-time.

If you’ve ever searched the web, then you already know how to use Spotto. It’s like a Google search for your equipment. That level of simplicity means minimal training for your team and more time to spend on the things that matter.

Quick to setup

Start achieving the time savings of Spotto Search in hours, not days. Everyone in your team has access to real-time search out of the box.

Free solution simulator

Simulate your logistics environment using the Spotto Simulator and scope your tracking solution before purchasing and installing readers.

No lock-in contracts

Spotto has no scary contract terms, and a convenient pay-as-you-go model so you can start small and scale your asset tracking as you need.

Integrate your apps

The Spotto APIs and MQTT provide access to real-time events as well as location queries, location setup and tag management.

Easy management

Spotto is cloud-based and designed to be simple to setup and manage by anyone in your team, relieving pressure from your IT personnel.

Local support

Our Australian-based team is available to answer support questions and provide guidance on your logistics tracking projects.

Extend Spotto with outdoor GPS tracking.

We've partnered with Thinxstra to take your things further — outside! Their innovative outdoor GPS tracker provides seamless tracking indoors — and on the road.

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Try the Simulator

Try Spotto in a simulated environment before starting your project.

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