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Ground Reception
Wide Wheelchair
2 mins
Level 1 Storeroom
Powered Wheelchair
15 mins
Ward 6, Room 2
2 mins

Search for anything

Spotto asset search lets you instantly see when and where your stuff was last located, so you spend less time looking for stuff and more on the things that matter.

Work flows better when you find your stuff — fast

Spotto quickly finds the stuff you need so you can spend your time on more meaningful tasks, and not looking around.

So simple your team will want to use it

Manager at a desk extracting usage insights



Lisa is able to extract usage insights about key assets and locations for better reporting.

Female health professional searching for wheelchair


Charge Nurse

Emma is able to find the right wheelchair for patient transport without calling around the hospital.

Male facilities manager setting up asset readers


Facilities Manager

Marcus can setup readers and make assets like wheelchairs and imaging equipment trackable in minutes.

Achieve a lot with a little

Spotto supports combining technologies

Spotto makes it easy to cost-effectively prove your business case for asset search in as little as a day, then scale as you need using any combination of RFID tags, beacons or phones.

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Alan Williams Spotto CEO
Alan Williams, CEO