Spotto Bluetooth tracking beacon in hand.

First up.
Grab a beacon

Beacons attach to your equipment and broadcast a Bluetooth signal, telling Spotto Readers where they are.

Spotto Bluetooth Reader in hand being connected.

Setup a beacon reader

Readers detect your beacon-equipped assets in zones where you need real-time tracking.

Spotto Search looking for assets in real-time on a phone

Get searching

Spotto Search displays the location of your assets in real-time. Just open your browser and you're good to go.

Orange arrows indicate if an asset is visiting one of your sites.

Organisation wide tracking

Setup Spotto Readers at all your facilities for automated, ambient tracking as things move. Look out for the orange arrows to see if things are away from their home site.

Every asset has a history

As your equipment moves, an activity record is updated detailing where an asset was located, and when it arrived.

The Spotto asset history view shows where an assets has been.
The Spotto assets lists shows every asset at your site, the location and battery level.

Browse your full asset inventory

Filter and sort your entire asset catalogue, view real-time locations, and see what Bluetooth beacons need a fresh battery.

What’s here, right now

See a comprehensive list of assets that are at a particular location in real-time. How cool is that? What will people think of next?

The location 'What's Here' view shows you everything thats at that location, right now.

Add real-time tracking to your assets with Bluetooth tags and locate your equipment in seconds. Take it for a spin with the free simulator.