How Spotto works

Real-time asset tracking made simple.

Spotto Bluetooth tracking beacon in hand.

First up.
Grab a beacon

Beacons attach to your equipment and broadcast a Bluetooth signal, telling Spotto Readers where they are.

Spotto Bluetooth Reader in hand being connected.

Setup a beacon reader

Readers detect your beacon-equipped assets in zones where you need real-time tracking.

Spotto Search looking for assets in real-time on a phone

Get searching

Spotto Search displays the location of your assets in real-time. Just open your browser and you're good to go.

Watch a demo.
Spotto Search runs in your web browser to locate gear in seconds.

If you've ever searched the web, then you already know how to use Spotto Search. And because it's so effortless that means minimal staff training. How good is that?

Works on any device with a browser

  • Android and iPhone
  • PC and iPad
  • Kiosks

See Spotto for yourself

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