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Find hospital equipment instantly with Spotto.

The Problem

Nurses spend around 
30 mins per shift locating hospital equipment. Across 80 staff, that's $1.3m in time wasted per year.

Source: Nursing Times, 2009

At best — not finding what you need is a minor inconvenience and wasted time your staff will never get back. At it’s worst — staff are unable to respond to an incident like a patient fall requiring specialised equipment like a hover jack.

The Solution

Spotto connects your staff with what they need, quickly. Your staff and patients are better off.

Spotto reduces wastage of  hospital staff time and resources with real-time equipment search that works right in a web browser. Once setup, locating equipment can be measured in seconds — not minutes, hours or sometimes days.

Graphic demonstrating multiple points along the journey of finally locating equipment

The Slooow Way

Chances are you’re familiar with the game of phone a friend between multiple departments just to locate a single piece of critical equipment. It’s inefficient and frustrating.

Graphic demonstrating the speed of locating equipment with Spotto

The Spotto Way

Spotto helps you reclaim wasted time by getting to the thing you need far sooner than a manual search with Spotto. Now you’re free to get on with more valuable tasks.

How it works

Spotto is like having a key-tracker on every piece of equipment.

Spotto Bluetooth tracking beacon in hand.

Bluetooth tracking beacons attach to your equipment informing Spotto of their location. Batteries can last up to 5 years.

Spotto Bluetooth Reader in hand being connected.

Beacon Readers like the Spotto B1 Reader detect the signals from beacons in key zones where you need equipment visibility.

Spotto Search looking for assets in real-time on a phone

Staff can then search for any piece of tracked equipment from a web browser — including touch screen kiosks and mobile phones.

What can be tracked

Wheelchairs, beds, IV poles, imaging equipment, pumps, calf compressors. If you can tag it, you can track it.

Spotto is changing the game for hospitals like yours by adding low-cost tracking superpowers to every piece of critical equipment.

Quick to setup

Start achieving the time savings of Spotto Search in hours, not days. Everyone in your team has access to real-time search out of the box.

Free hospital simulator

Simulate your hospital environment using the Spotto Simulator and scope your equipment tracking before purchasing and installing readers.

No lock-in contracts

Spotto has no scary contract terms, and a convenient pay-as-you-go model so you can start small and scale your equipment tracking as you need.

Integrate your apps

The Spotto APIs and MQTT provide access to real-time events as well as location queries, location setup and tag management.

Easy management

Spotto is cloud-based and designed to be simple to setup and manage by anyone in your team, relieving pressure from your IT personnel.

Local support

Our Australian-based team is available to answer support questions and provide guidance on your hospital equipment tracking projects.

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