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Setup a Spotto B1 Bluetooth Reader


In this guide you’ll connect a new reader to a mobile hotspot and set it up in the Spotto interface.

You will need:

  • Mobile phone
  • Spotto B1 Bluetooth Reader
  • Reader power supply
  • Bluetooth beacon tag
  • Wifi network information

Turn on a mobile hotspot

To connect your reader and update it with some new details such as the wifi network, you're going to need to setup a hotspot on your mobile phone.

Hotspot name: SpottoSetup
Hotspot password: easyconnect
Steps for iPhone:

Steps for Android:

Turn on the reader

Connect your reader to the plugged-in power supply. In a moment, your reader should automatically connect to your mobile hotspot. You should see the light change from white to green.

Login to Spotto

Go to and login using your Spotto details. Check your email inbox or spam folder for your Spotto username and password.

Setup the reader in Spotto

Click the plus button to add a new reader, then select the reader type 'Spotto Beacon Reader.'

Name the reader

Enter a name for the new reader. If the name of your reader is the same as the location it's plugged into — click ‘Reader name is the location,’ otherwise create a new location name.

Select Fixed in Place

Fixed in place is ideal when the reader permanently plugged in somewhere and is the most common type of reader configuration.

Tell Spotto where the reader will be

A location gives your assets context when they're detected by a reader. Search an existing location, or create a new one.

Enter the MAC address

Type the MAC address printed on your reader. This is a sequence of 12 characters that uniquely identify your reader — like a license plate, and look like 00:00:00:00:00:00.

Add a WiFi network

Enter the details for the WiFi network. This is the network your reader will connect to after the hotspot is turned off.

Enterprise Wifi
If you're connecting to a WPA2 Enterprise network, you'll need to add your network username. This is not your Spotto username and password. You can skip this if you're connecting to any other network type.

Finishing up

After clicking the Finish Setup button, your reader should appear online within a minute and be ready to detect nearby asset beacon tags. If you have more readers to setup, repeat the steps above, otherwise you can turn off your mobile hotspot.

Note for iPhone users
Make sure you rename your device back to it's original name. Go to the Settings app > General > About > Name


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