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Setup a Spotto B1 Bluetooth Reader

Learn how to connect a new reader to a hotspot, then set it up in Spotto.

What you’ll need

  • Mobile phone
  • Spotto B1 Bluetooth Reader
  • Reader power supply
  • Bluetooth beacon tag
  • Wifi network information

We’ll show you how to setup a hotspot on your phone that will be used to connect your reader temporarily. From there you’ll login to the Spotto website to enter your organisation’s wifi network details — and that’s how your reader will be connected once the hotspot is turned off. 

Setup a hotspot on iPhone

Bear with, there’s a few important steps. 

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap About
  4. Then tap Name
  5. Rename your iPhone to ‘SpottoSetup.’ This will be the name of the hotspot created that your reader with temporarily connect to.
  6. Go back to the main Settings screen and tap Personal Hotspot.
  7. Edit the Personal Hotspot Wi-Fi password to ‘easyconnect’ — without quotes.
  8. Make sure the hotspot is turned on.

Setup a hotspot on Android

Note: Some versions of Android like those on Samsung phones use slightly different terms in Settings.

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Tap Network & Internet
  3. Tap Hotspot & Tethering
  4. Tap Wi-Fi hotspot
  5. Edit the hotspot name to 'SpottoSetup'
  6. Edit the hotspot password to 'easyconnect' — without quotes.

Setup the reader

Connect your reader to the plugged-in power supply. In a moment, your reader should automatically connect to your mobile hotspot. You should see the light change from white to blue.

  1. Login to Spotto using you login details. You can find these in your email inbox (or spam folder).
  2. Go to in your browser, or tap the plus icon in Spotto and select New Reader.
  3. If you have the option to select the reader type, choose 'Spotto B1 Bluetooth Reader.'
  4. Under Location, choose where your reader will be located. You can add a new location, or select from an existing one.
  5. You can add an additional name to this reader to make it easier to identify down the track, particularly if you plan to have more than one reader at this location.
  6. Enter the MAC address on your reader, or scan the QR code by tapping the Use Camera button. A MAC looks like 00:00:00:00:00:00.
  7. Select your organisation Wi-Fi network from the list, or add a new network.
  8. Tap Finish Setup

For Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks
If you're connecting to a WPA2 Enterprise network, you'll need to add your network username. This is not your Spotto username and password. You can skip this if you're connecting to any other network type.

Finishing up

If you have more readers to setup, repeat from 'Setup the reader', otherwise turn off your mobile hotspot in Settings. The light on your reader should change to green to indicate a successful connection to your wifi network.

Note for iPhone users
You can now rename your device back to it's original name. Go to the Settings app > General > About > Name