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How to think about naming your assets

A few simple tricks will make it easier to find your stuff using Spotto search.

What you’ll need

Let's consider the name of this wheelchair

Looking at this wheelchair we might think to simply call it 'wheelchair,' which wouldn't be wrong but we want to provide a wide range of search terms that anyone looking for the chair might think to try. If we take the key attributes of this asset — the things that makes it unique — we might name it something like 'BAR1234 Ward A blue bariatric wheelchair SWL 250kg.' So how did we get to that? Let's break down the attributes specifically:

  • The frame of the wheelchair is blue.
  • It has a unique ID in a separate asset management system eg. BAR1234
  • It belongs to a specific ward in the hospital eg. Ward A
  • The chair is designed for use specifically for bariatric patients.
  • Finally, the chair has a safe working limit of 250kg.

You may also want to include additional keywords like the manufacturers brand name or even the serviceable state eg. 'broken.' When the chair is eventually repaired, the keyword 'broken' can be removed from the name. Simple.

Now let's consider this tool

Again, we're looking for the defining attributes that we could add to the name to help with searcheability, so we'll call this 'Airbus A380 torque wrench in case_Tool_Crib A_316070449 Calibrated 14 Aug 2020.'

  • The wrench is used with the Airbus A380 aircraft only.
  • The wrench type is specifically a torque wrench.
  • It belongs in a case.
  • It asset belongs to Tool Crib A.
  • This asset has an unique ID in a separate asset management system eg. 316070449.
  • It was calibrated 14 August 2020.

Adding these parts to the name increase the chances that someone will be able to find it using the keywords that spring to mind in Spotto search.