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Sweat the assets you already have

An alternative approach to needless overspending on misplaced assets.

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Alan Williams

Have you ever wondered how much extra equipment your departments are purchasing because they’re worried that when they need something urgently they want it easily available?

Over-purchase of equipment is rife in all sorts of workplaces, and it’s understandable since the consequences of not being able to locate vital equipment when most needed can be serious or costly (or both). And that equipment can range from high value medical devices in healthcare centres to equipment that moves between parts of a building, or between multiple locations or depots of all sorts of organisations.

Most senior managers would like to ‘sweat’ their equipment more — getting more use out of each piece of equipment that’s purchased, but without compromising service. It’s an important part of the corporate mantra of doing more with less. The key to achieving that goal is, of course, being able to locate equipment (or people, where appropriate) accurately and reliably so that when it’s needed you’re not stuck with searching or phoning around to try to find it.

The encouraging news is that the technology to achieve this is becoming more commonplace. A good example of this is the Apple AirTag introduced last year. The AirTag’s are great for tracking your personal stuff, and they rely on the huge network of Apple phones around the world to read the tags and let you know where they are. But they’re aimed at individuals and don’t really work for indoor locations and enabling asset search for whole teams or companies. The same with Tile, which is sort-of the same but without the benefits of Apple’s network. What these systems have done, though, is to make tracking usable by non-technical users.

The same is now true for business systems. The cost of asset tracking in buildings and between locations has come down dramatically with Spotto, which is magnitudes easier to set up compared to other systems — usually requiring huge upfront investment or a team of experts.

It’s worth taking a look at what can be achieved — pick a single use case in your business that can be easily demonstrated and that will yield immediate results. You could be very surprised at how cost effective it can be to do this, and the results can be transformational.

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