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Share your toys

Knowing where your loaned items are at all times encourages a culture of sharing where everyone benefits.

Man in a workspace
Alan Williams

Trust. It can be in short supply when it comes to lending equipment between departments. Or depots, offices or remote facilities. That’s because, whilst we borrow with good intentions, often items get lost or get forgotten before they’re returned. Or the borrower moves on to other things.

When the equipment or resource you need is in short supply, or expensive for your department to buy its own, then it makes sense to share. But we don’t do that well. Because when Julie from marketing downstairs comes up to borrow the P390-Doohickey your department spent $25K on, you make excuses because you’re worried that when you need it you won’t be able to find it to get it back. That may put you in a compromising position or stop you from achieving your service commitments, so you end up saying NO.

But if you knew that you’d be able to find the Doohickey when you needed it then the answer would likely be different. We know that because customers tell us they’re seeing different behaviours from their staff when they know where their assets are all the time.

A willingness to lend things out rather than keeping occasionally-used equipment locked away for your use only is just one of the beneficial effects of asset location tracking.

Whether you’re in government providing services, logistics, healthcare — it makes little difference, you want efficient use of your scarce resources. A department spending an extra $25K on another Doohickey that’s only occasionally needed is money that could be put to far better use. Book a free, no-obligation express chat at a time that suits you to discuss how Spotto could be a great fit for your team.