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The new Spotto API

Access real-time asset location data with the Spotto API and discover a world of possibilities for your apps.

Decorative image of the Spotto Open API
Alan Williams

We’re pleased to announce today the release to general availability of the Spotto API and MQTT stream.  

Spotto’s indoor real-time asset location system is already setting the benchmark for simplicity of installation and cost effectiveness of finding equipment within a workplace.  

With the Spotto API you can now create your own applications that can access asset movement events with REST API calls. For example, perform an action when a piece of equipment arrives in a monitored room. You can also search for where an asset is right now, and retrieve an inventory of what assets are currently at a location. Full histories of where an asset has been and what’s been at a location when are also available.

The API, together with the simplicity of setting up a Spotto sensing network, enable location-aware applications to be created much more readily than ever before. When combined with a low-code app development platform such as Spotto partner OneBlink’s Low-code Suite even non-developers can create and deploy location-aware applications very quickly

The power of the Spotto API was able to be demonstrated immediately. Within a week of having early access to the Spotto APIs, OneBlink created two working pilots for customers — both of which have great commercial potential.  

The first pilot enables real-time tracking of packages both inside buildings and in transit — with notifications when a package goes missing from a collection.  

The second provides instant access to the correct manuals, cheat sheets and videos for any piece of equipment that’s currently present in a hospital Operating Theatre This ensures that exactly the right information is available without the need for search or worrying about whether you’ve identified exactly the right manual for a specific version of a piece of equipment.

These solutions were made possible by accessing Spotto’s real-time location data within simple, purpose-built apps. The possibilities are endless.

To find out more about Spotto and the API go to The Spotto API is currently free to use for all Spotto customers.