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Don't fly blind

Feel confident knowing exactly where your physical equipment and stock is at any time, when you need it.

Don't fly blind
Alan Williams

Confidence. We all love that feeling. We know what’s ‘going on’ in our space and that gives us comfort that we can respond well.  

It’s likely that you’ve got a good handle on many of the key indicators in your business, especially the financial ones, because automation for that is now widespread. But it’s not the same when it comes to confidence in physical assets and stock.

Let’s take Than’s business in a large regional NSW town as an example. He’s built a rapidly growing operation selling high quality Australian fruit to China. He’s employed a number of intelligent systems all along the way, sensing things like the sugar content and quality of the fruit, and records of where it was picked and when.  

But knowing what’s in his stores, when it arrived in, when it went out and when it arrived at his distributors in China is where he’s still relying on paper records and manual entry into systems. They have to do a lot of in-person checking of shipments and data entry, with its issues with timeliness and accuracy.  

If Than was a ‘big guy’ he’d spend the hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars on traditional tracking systems, but he’s not. And he may not need to. Because the cost of IoT tracking tags, sensors and the software to drive them has dramatically reduced recently and real-time tracking is accessible at last to smaller, more frugal businesses that need to operate.  

Than’s keen to feel the confidence of knowing exactly what’s where at any time. He’ll be able to make better decisions and sleep better at night. And he’ll use his workers to do more useful work than keeping on checking stores and entering data.

We’re Spotto, an Australian company making it simple and affordable for any organisation to add real-time asset tracking to operations like Than’s.

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