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Accurate, low-touch equipment tracking around operating theatres

Testing new location accuracy algorithms and having fun doing it.

CTO Steve Mann and Support Engineer Adam Williams in scrubs.
Alan Williams

Above is our CTO Steve and Support Engineer, Adam all scrubbed up prior to testing new Spotto location accuracy algorithms around the operating theatres at Gosford Hospital.

One of the really impressive aspects of the CCLHD Ideas Hub innovation lab is that participants get to prototype new solutions within a realistic test environment in the lab (an ex Cardiac Care ward in the centre of the hospital) and then when it’s looking good, we get the chance to do live testing in the target environment.

In operating theatres the need is for tracking their vital equipment between the theatres, anaesthetic bays and surrounding corridors. The solution has to be accurate and very ‘low touch’ — you don’t want to be going into theatres regularly to fix readers or to upgrade them. Spotto’s pioneered ultra-simple installation of readers with over-the-air update capability so there’s no need to touch any reader once installed. And we’re well into testing new algorithms that enable remarkable accuracy from a minimum of these low-cost readers.

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