Product Features

Add asset tracking capabilities to your business in minutes.

Spotto asset search on a mobile phone

Search for assets

Simply type what you’re looking for and the results show you where and when it was last seen.

Spotto Search will become your best friend from the moment you get set up. Search comes standard with all Spotto subscription levels.

See what's at a location

See what’s at a location right now and what was last seen there.

Know immediately if the set of items you’re looking for are currently at a location so you can minimise your searching.

See event history

Inspect event histories for a richer picture of your assets and locations.

Tap into Spotto event histories to gain insights into how your assets, people and spaces are being utilised. We make it simple to import your historical data into your chosen Business Intelligence tools, spreadsheets or custom applications.

Setup event triggers

Automate workflows in your own solutions when something happens in a zone you’re monitoring.

Spotto provides an open API that enables your developers to integrate presence events into applications. Over the coming months we'll be user-configurable triggers that will enable anyone to set up these automations.

Mix and match

We started with the premise that businesses shouldn't have to over invest in technology — ours or anyone else’s. Instead, we give you options that you can mix and match because there isn’t a ‘right’ technology for all use cases.

Regardless of what mix of options you use to detect assets, your users will have the same, consistent Search experience. They don’t care what technology is being used, they just want to find stuff.

So here are the choices… each has its place, and they can be used together to deliver any number of solutions around your business. They’re all easy to set up and your Spotto subscription covers use of any or all of them. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are about the cost and effort-saving innovations that we’ve baked into almost every solution.

Active Technology

For a real time view of asset movements that utilises powered Bluetooth beacon tags and beacon readers.

  • Great for smaller numbers of valuable assets.
  • Real time location at low cost.
  • Tracking what is at a location using portal readers.
  • Setting up yourself, no experts.
  • Long range reads.
Image of a Bluetooth beacon tag


  • More reliable reads.
  • Much lower cost readers than RFID.
  • Easy to set up with Spotto readers.
  • Phones can be readers (coming soon).


  • Beacons more costly than RFID tags.
  • Battery powered, typically requiring a new battery after 12-18 months.

Spotto Innovations

  • Express reader installation with Spotto asset readers.
  • Ultra-fast beacon tag setup.
  • Beacon reader accuracy algorithms.
  • Phones able to give indoor locations (beta).
  • Beacon readers that move.

Passive Technology

For a last-seen location of assets that utilises RFID tags, and RFID readers that move or stay in one location.

  • Great for large numbers of assets.
  • Convenience/low maintenance.
  • Tracking what is at a location using portal readers.
  • Last-seen location around wide areas (roving readers).
Image of an RFID tag


  • Simple setup.
  • Low cost per tag.
  • Small form factor and custom labels.
  • Long life and no battery to change.
  • Limit the number of readers needed.


  • RFID readers are more costly.
  • Expert reader installation may be required.
  • Variable performance on different surfaces.
  • Less range than Bluetooth beacon tags.

Spotto Innovations

  • All cloud-based, no local servers to setup.
  • Roving readers for ultra-low cost, last-seen location coverage of large, complex areas.
  • Portal reading algorithms enabling use of low-cost readers.
  • Works with Turk PD20 handheld RFID reader for mobile phones for a low cost, instant setup solution.

Near-field Technology

For a user-initiated check-in that utilises USB-connected readers and QR scanning with the Spotto Me mobile app.

  • Great for user-initiated reads of any identifier.
  • Check-in and check-out of people or assets.
Image of a QR code


  • Simple setup.
  • Use low cost readers or smart phones.
  • No PCs required.
  • Use any RFID or barcode reader that connects to USB.
  • Can be very low cost.


  • Typically short range.

Spotto Innovations

  • Spotto Me mobile and web apps for QR scan check-in.
  • Cloud-connected Spotto Universal reader gateway supports a huge range of USB readers, including most RFID standards, barcodes, even biometric readers.

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