Asset Tracking

Real-time indoor asset tracking you can install yourself. No experts required.

Spotto asset search on a mobile phone

Instant asset search

Simply type what you’re looking for and the results show you where and when it was last seen. Spotto Search will become your best friend from the moment you get set up.

See assets by location

Inspect any location that has an asset reader, and know immediately what’s there, and what was previously there.

Browse event history

Tap into Spotto event histories to gain insights into how your assets and zones are being utilised.

Export event data

We make it simple to export your historical data for processing in your Business Intelligence tools, spreadsheets or any other analysis tools.

User access control

Manage your staff access to Spotto easily with 3 easy to understand permissions levels.

Tracking Technologies

Track your assets with long-life, easy to install Bluetooth asset beacons.

Real-time asset tracking with Bluetooth® beacons.

Suited to your high-value assets, Bluetooth® beacon tags work with Spotto to provide a regular location to dedicated beacon readers. Beacon tags are battery powered and compact – usually around the size of a keyring and require very little maintenance.

Track Assets with Beacons

Fast installation

Track an asset with a beacon in minutes, no experts required.

Real-time tracking

Beacons provide a location to nearby readers 24/7.

Ready for portables

Build a low-infrastructure beacon solution with readers that move.

Long battery life

Low energy beacons feature a long battery life usually in the range of 12–24 months.

Last seen asset location with RFID tags.

RFID tags are a lower low cost solution suited to tracking a large number of assets as they pass by an RFID reader. RFID tags work best with line-of-sight, usually detectable within a few meters.

  • Great for large numbers of assets.
  • Convenience/low maintenance.
  • Tracking what is at a location using portal readers.
  • Last-seen location around wide areas (roving readers).

Fast installation

Track an asset with RFID tags in minutes, no experts required.

Low cost per tag

RFID tags come in a range of low cost form factors like stickers.

Ready for portables

Build a low-infrastructure RFID solution with readers that move.

Passively powered

Tags are powered over the air which means no batteries to change.

Get started with indoor tracking from AUD $20 per month

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