Track Assets with Bluetooth® Beacons

Build a real-time indoor asset tracking solution with Bluetooth® beacons and readers. In this scenario 100 assets will be tracked across 20 zones.

Indoor asset Readers

Place a Spotto B1 Reader in each zone you want indoor asset tracking.

We’ve found that a single B1 Reader is usually enough to cover a zone, roughly 20 meters in every direction. You can always add more readers later to fill any gaps in coverage.







Asset beacon tags

You’ll need one Bluetooth® beacon tag for each asset.

We recommend the Minew E8 beacon which features a battery life of around 1–2 years, or the E9 with up to 5 years of life.







Cost example

To track 100 assets at a small-to-medium sized hospital, we'll attach a single beacon to each asset, and one Spotto B1 reader for every tracking zone.

No lock-in contract

No per-user fees

Unlimited assets

Unlimited searches

20 Spotto B1 Readers

$4000 one-off

100 Minew E8 beacon tags

$2000 one-off

20 reader service subscriptions

$400 per month

Installation time

2 mins per reader or asset

Total $6000

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