Track Assets with Bluetooth® Beacons

Build a real-time asset tracking solution with Bluetooth® beacons and readers. In this scenario 400 assets will be tracked across 30 zones.

Beacon Readers

Place a beacon reader in each zone you want to monitor.

We’ve found that a single reader is usually enough to cover a zone, roughly 20 meters in every direction. You can always add more readers later to fill any gaps in coverage.







Spotto Beacon Reader and Asset Tag
Asset beacon tags

You’ll need one Bluetooth® beacon tag for each asset.

To track 400 assets then you’ll need 400 beacon tags.







Spotto hospital asset tracked with a beacon tag

Cost breakdown

The Business Subcription gives your business a taste of real-time asset tracking. Need more readers or sites? No worries. You can upgrade to a more flexible plan at any time.

No lock-in contract

No per-user fees

Unlimited assets

Unlimited searches

Upfront CostS

30 Spotto beacon readers


400 asset beacons


Total $13,830

Ongoing CostS

Business Subscription

$1000 per month

Prices indicated are in $AUD, excluding GST.

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