Setup Guide

Asset Beacon Tag

Here's what you'll need

Phone or PC

Beacon Tag

Cable Ties

Beacon Reader


Login to Spotto

Go to and login using your Spotto details. Check your email inbox or spam folder for your Spotto username and password.


Give your asset a name

Click the plus button to begin, then give your asset a name in Spotto. Once you're happy, click save.

Think about naming

Consider including some descriptive details into your names. Watch the video


Add the beacon MAC address

Click 'Add a Beacon' then enter the MAC address printed on your beacon tag. Click 'Add' when you're done.

Mac Addresses

This is a sequence of 12 characters that uniquely identifies your beacon — like a license plate, and looks like 00:00:00:00:00:00, but sometimes without the colon separator.


Cable tie the beacon to your asset

Cable tie the beacon tag to your asset to keep the two together.


Wrapping up

Click 'Finish Setup' to finalise your new asset with a beacon tag.


Bring your asset near a reader

Now let's check that your asset is being detected. Bring your newly tagged asset close to an online reader then type the name of the asset in Spotto Search. If everything is working as it should, your new asset should appear in the search results along with the last location.