Business Intelligence

Bring asset intelligence into your business planning and operations.

Make better decisions

Spotto generates the asset data you need to help you make smarter, more proactive business decisions.

Prove business KPIs

You can prove KPI compliance with ease with through a rich asset location data trail.

Waste less time

Uncover utilisation patterns to balance asset distribution and avoid bottlenecks

How to get started

Data export graphic

Export your data

Spotto provides a simple CSV data export utility. Extract everything or select the timeframe you want to analyse.

Data import graphic

Import into a BI tool

Your data is ready to import into the business intelligence app of your choice, like Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau or Amazon ShareSight.

Then visualise your data and start asking questions

What is the distribution of wheelchairs in all locations?

Spotto saw wheelchairs at Reception, Level 1 and Level 2 the most.

How many things were detected at the Loading Bay?

Spotto detected 12 things on Tuesday and 7 things on Thursday.

Why was nothing picked up at Level 1 on Tuesday?

Spotto didn't see any reader activity at Level 1 on Tuesday.

Where are we missing assets across the week ?

Spotto saw periods of inactivity at Loading Bay and Storeroom.

With a continuous stream of insights, your business can respond and plan ahead intelligently.